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  1. Every Landlord's Legal Guide

    Every Landlord's Legal Guide

    Item #: EB730-NL

    Rent out your residential property with this all-in-one legal guide. You'll get all the information and explanations the savvy landlord needs. Nolo's bestselling book Every Landlord's Legal Guide helps you: Prepare leases and rental agreements; Collect and returning deposits; Minimize your liability. Includes all the legal forms you need! Learn More
  2. First-Time Landlord

    First-Time Landlord

    Item #: EB706-NL

    The declining U.S. economy has forced many homeowners to make tough decisions about their property. If you're one of the millions of Americans affected by the credit crisis, struggling to make your mortgage payments, and are considering renting out your home to make ends meet, you'll need to learn the basics of being a landlord. Let First-Time Landlord show you how to start your landlording business and maintain it in your spare time. Get the concise information you need to start making money with a single-family home, written for property owners with little business savvy -- and even less time and patience. Learn how to rent out your property lawfully and safely. Learn More