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TOPS Products USA Facility

TOPS Products helps you build a better office.

As the leading US manufacturer of office supplies, we bring order to offices, schools and homes all over North America.

Our brands include the oldest and most trusted names in organization: Oxford®, Pendaflex®, Cardinal®, Ampad®, Adams®, Boorum & Pease® and TOPS™.

We're honored to welcome two new US manufacturers to our family of brands: NECI™, a trusted name in specialty and custom filing for nearly 50 years, and Quality Park, makers of fine envelopes, mailing and packaging supplies.

Together, we carry forward a legacy of American innovation at each of our major US manufacturing and corporate facilities. We look forward to offering you new and better tools to organize life.

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TOPS Products is a Division of LSC Communications.

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Like students preparing for the new school year, we’re excited about each new season at TOPS Products. We trade in the everyday tools that help busy people claim mastery over their lives. Our reach extends from file folders, index cards and binders to affordable digital offerings—the business and tax forms and interactive legal software that empower thousands of small businesses, entrepreneurs and everyday people.

The pulse of innovation continues. We’re creating new manufacturing processes, brainstorming ideas for time-saving new products, pouring over the latest color and design trends and dreaming up ways to make centuries-old concepts even better. Our eye is ever on the horizon with fresh new products that help you meet contemporary challenges.

As our history attests, we believe fully in the power of good products. You can find all of ours online, at your local brick-and-mortars, or through Mom-and-Pop shops and independent dealers everywhere.

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US Facilities

Our thirteen major manufacturing facilities, corporate offices, and customer service and distribution centers in the United States allow us to bring note taking, filing and organization products to shelves in weeks, not months. That kind of rapid order and supply is unique in the industry, and it’s why we’re dedicated to our local workers who keep product rolling from our place to your home and office.

In addition to our US centers, we have facilities in Mexico and Canada and responsibly source the very best materials and talent from our outstanding global partners.


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Imagine life without a file folder. That’s life without TOPS Products.

Our historic brands were there for the rise of the industrial age and continue to provide fresh ideas and solutions that shape modern offices around the world.

From hanging folders to forms to legal pads, glance around the office and you’ll see our brands in everything you do.